Thursday, October 15, 2009

Teh Tarik Kurang Manis

After 58 days without roti canai and teh tarik kurang manis for breakfast at McKandar restaurant infront of Jelatek LRT station on my way to the office, today I feel like taking one. And it taste so good. Especially because the kuah kari really kaww, not the normally cair one. So after enjoying the first roti canai and looking at the kuah kari that still aplenty, then I decided to order another piece. Never happened before. But anyway I managed to finish the second piece without problem and clear up all the kuah kari and still feel good about it.

And teh tarik kurang manis that the pakcik called Manne made is fantastic as usual. He really know how to make teh tarik kurang manis that taste so good. So next time if you feel like teh tarik kurang manis, you know where to find a good one. After paying RM3 at the counter, I walked slowly towards the bus stand across the busy street of Jln Enggang. And after vetting through TheSun on the sports section, the T103 bus arrived and bring me to the office on time to clock in at 8:13am still 2 minutes to spare before the red dotted line of 8:15am. The bus fare cost me RM1. The LRT fare from Masjid Jamek is RM2 and the express bus from BB is RM4. So with RM3 breakfast just now, I spend RM10 operational cost so far. Feeling my tummy, I also think that I'm in the position of skipping my lunch today.

By the way I have Hari Raya Open House invitation today at 4pm. It is organized by our good Customer Sales Organization (CSO) office and the function scheduled to take place at Felda Villa. It means for our customers as well as our respective business partners. Being one of the team members in Collaboration and Partnership Division (CPD) and has a direct interaction with partners as well as potential customers made me one of the selected few that get invited to this so call exclusive event. Not that I want to go, but looks like I have to go. It is ok because I can just dissapear in thin air around 5:30pm to Damai LRT station nearby, heading home where my heart belongs to.

My ghout still bothering me though. It all started on the 27th Sept (the 8th day of Raya), just after our first open house one week after raya. The pain is around my ankle on the right foot. This is the first time it attacks the ankle. Normally the pain is either on my left or right toe area. So bad that I need to take two days MC on Monday & Tuesday. After two days managed to go to the office, I took another day off on Friday. So one week after raya I only worked for two days. I worked the whole of five days on the second week but with pains on day time plus fever at night. I'm not feelimg well at all.

Now on my 3rd week after raya I still got that pain around my left toe. It has switched from the left foot to the right and from the ankle to the toe. I wonder why it takes so long for me to recover this time around. Somebody recommended me to take ubi kayu rebus and my wife did cook one the night before. Hope it helps to cure it. But to make thing worse, I cannot stop my temptation to take kacang that available lying on the table as part of raya goodies brought by my officemate yesterday. And eating nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis at PTX Raya Open House in the afternoon, both ghout enemies. When I told my wife last night about the pain and the things I ate, she shaked her head showing her disapproval. Hence the pain continues on my left toe today.

My last reading on Urate Acid taken on 6th May 2009 during my medical checkup at IJN was 575 umol/L. The preference range stated as 420 umo/L or below. The report also mentioned about my coronary heart disease risk profile to include modifiable risks such as Dyslipidaemia (which I do not know what the hell is this), Diabetis Mellitus (the kencing manis that I currently on medication since two years ago), Overweight (with Body Mass Index of 27.7kg/m where preferred range for male is 20-25), and my Physical Inactivity (tak bersenam pun). I'm in deep trouble guys !!

I think I need to seriously look back at the medical report and take actions base on the recommendation in that report. The recommendations by Dr Chiew Kean Shyong, Cardiology Clinical Specialist of IJN are:
  1. Lowering cholestrol and saturated fats in the diet. They include reducing intake of animal products (e.g. full cream milk, ghee, butter and other dairy products), animal fat (fats in meat and skin of chicken), coconut milk, oil (including deep fried foods), egg yolk, organ meets and certain seafood (e.g. prawns, crabs, squid, and ikan bilis).
  2. Good control of blood pressure (target of 130/85 mmHg) and blood sugar (fasting sugar of 6.5 mmol/L and HbA1c of 6.5%) through diet control, regular exercise, medication (if prescribed) and regular aerobic exercise.
  3. Gradual achievement/maintenance of ideal body weight by a combination of both a weight reducing diet and regular aerobic exercise.
  4. Regular exercise e.g. Brisk walking/cycling or swimming. For cardiovascular fitness, recommend sustained exercise - 30 minutes at a time, at least 3 times a week with appropraite warm up and warm down. For losing weight, will need to exercise more to burn the calories accumulated.
  5. Stress reduction and management by e.g. relaxation techniques, hobbies, exercise or meditation.
  6. Do not smoke. Smoking damages the heart. It decreases HDL levels, increases the likelihood of blood clots, damages artery walls and increase the risk for cancers.
  7. Resuvastatin 20mg od.
  8. Recheck fasting serum lipid in 4 months time.
There you go, nikmat kesihatan that has been temporary appointed upon me by Allah that I easily took for granted. Until the pain and suffering that make me sit down and finally think about it. And I think fasting twice a week as amalan sunat is a good move and should be in my agenda from now on to control my diet and improve my health.



pakmat said...

..I am sorry to hear about your gout etc..hmm, looks like you have to watch your diet and exercise as recommended by the good doctor..esp intake of food..I've been on that regime for the past two years..and it works..all the best..

School Of Tots said...

TQ pakmat for your comment. Agreed...I need to be more disciplined in my diet & do some regular exercise.Best of health to you too..thx.

probakti 21 said...

Truly,I have had the same experience since 2007.And being above 50 or 60,one has to strictly adopt several precautions.

I suffered a great pain on my right toe and after taking some medications I forbid myself from taking long beans (kacang panjang),Kacang Bendi and kuah roti canai sold in Shah Alam (but likewise not so in KB).

Alhamdullilah,until now the ghout is under control.

School Of Tots said...

TQ probakti21 for your comment.

Along with the age, I found my recovering especially from the last ghout attack is taking longer time to recover. It started with the ankle area on the right foot. Ok for a while then move to my toe area on the left foot, then to the right foot again. The bengkak still around on my angkle at right foot. Yes got to avoid all items with 'kacang' as first name. Then of course seafoods,'internal organs',daging, and those concentrated food & sauce. Left me with just ikan kembong & chicken for lauk, maybe.

Therefore guys, syukuri nikmat 'kesihatan' yg Allah berikan. Allah boleh tarik nikmat itu anytime. Ia hanya pinjaman, bukan milik mutlak kita.

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