Saturday, April 11, 2015

Encyclopedia of Gods

Its been a while since my last posting. I'm quite busy with other stuff, lets put it that way. Anyway, today I wanna post something on quite an interesting topic, I think.

I came across this book in the public library the other day. The book entitled Encyclopedia of Gods by Michael Jordan first published in Great Britain by Kyle Cathie Limited and reprinted in 2005.

Over 2,500 deities of the world listed out in encyclopedia way through out the book.

In the introduction I quote, "In compiling book like Encylopedia of Gods, one is struck both by the enormous number and variety of deities that occur in different religions around the world, and also by the patterns repeat themselves - almost every culture has its creator gods, goddesses of fertility, gods whose duty it is to protect the home. The same mysteries have puzzled people in every continent, the same fears have beset them and they have all attempted to explain the mysteries and allay the fears in the same way - through the worship of gods."

A chronology of the principal religions and cultures covered in this book includes:
  1. Sumerian (3000BC - 1800BC)
  2. Akkadian-Babylonian (2000BC - 0)
  3. Hittite-Hurrian (2000BC - 1000BC)
  4. Egyptian (3000BC - 500AD)
  5. Greek (3000BC - 500AD)
  6. Roman (500Bc - 500AD)
  7. Judaism (1000BC - 2000+AD)
  8. Christian (0 - 2000+AD)
  9. Islamic (600AD - 2000+AD)
  10. Hindu (1800BC - 2000+AD)
  11. Buddhist (500BC - 2000+AD)
  12. Inca (100AD - 1500AD)
  13. Mayan (100BC - 1000AD)
  14. Aztec (200AD - 1500AD)
  15. Celtic (500BC - 500AD)
  16. Nordic-Icelandic (100AD - 1300AD)

As I browsing through the list of the god names and their little description printed in the book, I picked a few just to get the feel of it.
  1. ADAD - Origin Mesapotamian (Babylonian-Akkadian). Weather god.
  2. AHURA MAZDA - Origin Persian (Iran). God of light. 
  3. ALLAH - Origin Nabataen and Arabic. The creator god of Islam.
  4. AMATERASU-O-MI-KASI - Origin Shinto (Japan). Sun goddess.
  5. AME-NO-MINAKA-NUSHI-NO-KAMI - Origin Shinto (Japan). Supreme god.
  6. APOLLO - Origin Greek. God of hunting and healing.
  7. BRAHMA - Origin Hindu (India). Creator god.
  8. BUDDHA - Origin Buddhist (India). The founder of Buddhism.
  9. GANESA - Origin Hindu (India). God of wisdom and prudence.
  10. PAK TAI - Origin Taoist (Chinese). Astral god of war.

The nature of human will always feel empty inside and look up for god to feel up those emptiness.

As we look around, actually nothing is just created naturally. It must be a creator. When I look at the book just now, human is worshiping 'god' that they assume is the right one.

Do you think that is right? Ultimately it must be one god. He is The Creator of all that exist. The rest is just His creations. 

So why worship His creation? Worship Him. Simple right? 

Keep searching my friends. Life is short. Do not waste your valuable time no more. There will a judgement day. Each one us will be encounted by what we done during our life time. 

We will end up living forever in hell or heaven, no two way about it. Seek the truth, nothing but the truth. No more true lies. No more fake items. Go for the ori.

I would suggest that you get to know Islam, a true religion from The Creator.

And you will find what you looking for. The straight path with the clear answer, In Shaa Allah.

The following site is a good start.

Worship The Creator not the creation.

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