Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Purpose In Life?

What your purpose in life? What success mean to you? Is it to buy a nice house, own a good car, to have a happy family, to get a PHd, or a good promotion? We have so much opportunity in life. Allah bless us living in society surrounding by Islam. This is nikmat. We hear azan di azankan all the time. Where in many places on earth there is no such thing happening. As mentioned by Nourman Ali Khan, in his place back home in Texas he sometime gave Friday sermon to just six people in front of him. How bless we are in Malaysia to have Friday prayers attended by thousand and thousand of people.

There are people who just happy to do the minimum. Did Allah expect just the minimum? Allah expect so much more because He bless you with so much. We are in a journey to get closer to Allah. Every little step that we take in this long journey should bring us closer to Allah. We are suppose to go further in this journey but in reality if you just happy with the minimum then you are doing not much progress.

Dakwah is for non-Muslim, is it so? In fact Muslim needs those advice/dakwah even more. People who need dakwah is the Muslim himself. You will be the ambassador of Islam at the highest level, the maximum. If you see people go further apart from Allah, then naturally you should feel hurt. If the purpose of life for majority of our youth is just to play video games, go to movies, sleep, study, graduation and get a decent job, then we are in trouble.

The question of the day is - How Am I To Serve Allah? We are not studying academic subject. We studying Islam to help our people, our children living life. He pick you to be a Muslim. It is an honor. You have job to do. That is to serve Allah. Even after graduation if you get a good job but if you didn't do your job well then you will loose your job. The job will be given to some other candidates. Qualification is not enough. You must strive to work hard, be responsible and play your role well. 

As a Muslim you have a big responsibility and role to play. If you don't care then Allah will replace by somebody who not lazy like you. You don't have to be alim to serve. You serve in your own capacity and ability. Share what you know with others. Spread the word of Allah and Rasulullah. You should wait no longer. You are wasting your valuable time long enough. Make your move today. A long journey start with your first step.

We cannot be satisfied with our present stage. Please get the full understanding - Why Am I Muslim? Why are you Muslim? The common answer can be, "I'm not even know why I am Muslim." Get the basirah, the full view. You must be crystal clear why are you Muslim. We have reason of what we do. Don't assume our next generation gonna be Muslim. They need to re-confirm their Iman and renew the strength in their belief. If they don't have real Iman then they are just a waste of life.

If what they care is what movie coming up, what car to buy, what stock to invest, or what job to get next  then it is simply is not good enough. If your goal is higher then you will get a much better result. Nothing wrong with having a good job, a good car, or a nice family. But there is something wrong with your goal. I want a better job so that I can serve my society and my Deen.

I care about non-Muslim. If we show hatred to non-Muslim then how to dakwah them? We have huge responsibility. We need to concern for others. Anybody non-Muslim we hate them. Warn you people to love those people. No matter what, serve the Deen. We are never good enough and never gonna be good enough, period. We not perfect. Because the the only one perfect is Allah.

Sometime we are thinking that we are better than other people. If we start thinking like that then we might be trap into  "Syirik". Don't think you are better than him. If he take syahadah than he can be better than you. Remember that we are in a very bless situation. Allah has provide you everything. Think of your brothers and sisters in Islam who live in trouble land such as in Gaza, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Myanmar. Then you should realize how fortunate you are to be picked by Allah to exist in this part of the world. 

As a conclusion, everyone of us has a role to play. We exist not without reason. We were born into this world not by accident, not without a purpose. Moving forward. Every night when you go to bed make doa, "Ya Allah, I want to serve your Deen. Show me how." It is never too late to do good deeds. When you wake in the morning, "Just Do It." All the good deeds, that is. Jazakallah.


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