Thursday, September 05, 2013

Nouman Ali Khan in Malaysia

Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk mengikuti secara LIVE pendakwah antarabangsa yang terkenal ini di tiga lokasi iaitu di Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan malam ini Khamis 5/8/13, Khutbah Jumaat di Masjid UIA pada esok, dan di PWTC pada malam esok Jumaat 6/8/13.

Nouman Ali Khan is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah, as well as the lead instructor for a number of Bayyinah courses including the ‘Fundamentals of Classical Arabic’ and ‘Divine Speech’. His first exposure to Arabic study was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he completed his elementary education. He continued Arabic grammar study in Pakistan, where he received a scholarship for ranking among the top 10 scores in the national Arabic studies board examinations in 1993. But his serious training in Arabic began in the United States in 1999 under Dr. Abdus-Samie, founder and formal principal of Quran College, Faisalabad, Pakistan who happened to be touring the US for intensive lectures in Tafsir and Arabic studies. Under Dr. Abdus-Samie, Nouman developed a keen methodical understanding of Arabic grammar. He further benefited from Dr. Abdus-Samie by internalizing his unique teaching methods and later translating his work into English for the benefit of his own students. Nouman served as professor of Arabic at Nassau Community College until ’06 and has taught Modern Standard and Classical Arabic at various venues for nearly 7 years with over 10,000 students nationwide. Currently he has dedicated himself to a seven-year-long project, of conducting a linguistic & literary focus Qur’anic Tafseer series in English. Recordings of sessions conducted so far can be downloaded at Nouman discusses many important issues such as Islamophobia, hypocrisy, parenting, misconceptions about Islam, and many more. Visit Video Lectures page and find the topics discussed on the right sidebar. He has also done many classes of Quran tafseer / explanation. Find Quran tafseer for Suras number 78 - 114.


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