Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Fever !!

Yes sir, World Cup 2010 in South Afrika kicking & alive !! It's that special event every four years again. Well, last night both matches ended in a draw. Probably the air still warm and not that hot just yet.

Talking about favorite teams, I can still remember Worl
d Cup 2006, I'm the only one on the planet I believed, predicting ITALY to become champion since day one. And yes sir, true enough Italy cruising all the way to the final and became champion against all odds. That is the beauty of the World Cup.

The favorite teams falling down like cucumbers and the unpredictable can always happen
at the spark of any moment. The miracle plus magic love to stick around at the World Cup.

The favorite teams predicted by the pundits and experts supported by top FIFA world ranking for the Final are Spain and Brazil.

me, I want to go with Argentina. I think Argentina will be the champion. They have the individuals with world class skill and talent that entertain fans in various leagues all over the world. With Messi and Tevez upfront, it can really mess things up in front of their opponent goal mouth. The genius of Maradona as a player should be translated at last as a coach.

Torres of Spain is also a class of his own and pain in the ass for defenders. My prediction is is for Spain and Argentina to be in the Final. And Argentina to emerge as the World Champion, again after 24 years.

In the mean time lets enjoy the game!!



TyRoX SaN said...

salam ziarah dari kanada... :)

sot said...

TQ TyRoX sudi ziarah. Luas perjalanan banyak pengalaman berguna insyaAllah sebagai bekal menjadi insan yg power.

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