Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top 16

Well tonight another big game, England vs Germany. For me 50-50, it can go either way. And I wish England with a bit of luck to go through to quarterfinal round. But Germany by tradition always a powerhouse when come to critical round in World Cup. So it will be interesting. So you will see me at "kedai mamak" tonight at 10 sharp cheering both teams.

Anyway, lets go back to the round of 16, shall we? My prediction of 16 top team in the previous posting missed the boat by only 4 teams. That is 75% correct, not bad, I think.

25% incorrect guess goes to Algeria, Slovenia, Serbia, and Italy (poor Italy). USA, England, Germany & Slovakia go through instead.

Lets talk about Round 2 & Quarterfinal, my thinking is this:-
  1. Uruguay & Ghana passed the test in round 2 and will clash head on in the the quarterfinal stage. I vote for Ghana on this one to keep the African flag alive. I think Ghana has a better overall technical skill.
  2. Netherlands should win against Slovakia.
  3. Brazil on top against Chile.
  4. Argentina will win against Mexico.
  5. England hopefully go through tonight.
  6. Japan, yes I love Japan to win against Paraguay, Asia's hope.
  7. Spain vs Portugal, wow a good one. I think Spain will go through, he he.
Ok until then, enjoy the game. I will see you in Quarterfinal stage.


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