Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quarterfinal Stage

The dust settled down in South Africa. The boys were separated from the men. Another eight teams took the flight homes. World Cup moving to a Quarterfinal stage. Eight Teams stand tall in the world order. World Cup Africa 2010 has its up and down, element of suprises, controversies and what not, waka waka.

The big boys that have been there before and no strangers to QF stage, no longer surprise most of us. I'm talking about Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. They are big teams. They are expected to be there (alongside with big flop Italy, France and England for that matter). New comers
got to be Paraguay and Ghana, and Uruguay even though Uruguay has tested past glory before. Congratulation.

How I'm doing on my World Cup bookmark, as per my last posting? I'm 75% (just like Stage 16) on target, 6 out of 8 with two missing the boat. I'm hoping England and Japan passed the test, but their journey stops, in different fashion. England will feel ashamed I think some how, but come to think about it they are always over rated by everybody. Japan can still walk with their chin up, as they are a worthy casualty who gave their very best. Japan made Asia proud alongside South Korea. They shall come back stronger to give the rest of the world good run for their money.

Lets look on the Quarter Final match up, shall we?

  1. Uruguay vs Ghana - my heart goes with Ghana. I love to see history in the making. Ghana will keep the African flag kicking and alive as I think Ghana has a very good technical skills at par anytime with the more fancy teams.
  2. Netherlands vs Brazil - wow a bloody good heads on. Hmmm...both belong to men's league. Europe vs Latin America. Skill wise, I think Brazil still have the edge. My gutt with Brazil.
  3. Argentina vs Germany - another good match up. Germany as I mentioned never fail to shine at the World Cup stage some how. They keep improving and show their through colors by each match, ruthless, very fast, and efficient. Argentina on the other hand is my favorite team to win the World Cup 2010. A close game to keep you glued on TV screen. At the end I think Argentina will win.
  4. Paraguay vs Spain - I want it to be Japan vs Spain, but I feel sorry for Japan to loose on penalty shootout. For me this one is a clear cut, Spain all the way.

Argentina still remains my best bet to be the champ. With that, moving forward let me put in advance the potential Finalist:

  1. Argentina vs Spain - is my pick since the beginning, but of course it won't happen because they are in the same half and will meet at semifinal stage if both win their quarterfinal.
  2. Argentina vs Brazil - yap that is my next best choice. Both from the same continent but both team shows that they in-form and on fire. The game of technical skill and entertaining footballing.
  3. Argentina vs Netherlands - is a possibility provided Brazil stumbled at semifinal stage as usual...he he.

Till then enjoy the game & bye bye !!

Note: Brazil vs Spain - can be the last option (without Argentina in the picture).


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