Monday, November 14, 2005

Open House

Open House dah jadi budaya especially kat Klang valley ni. Weekend biasa nya pack lah dgn jemputan ke sana dan ke sini. Nak beraya ni pun kena plan efficiently gak, baru ngam. Our first raya weekend goes like this...Aku set sabtu hari tu untuk menyambut tetamu datang umah, so prepare la apa yg patut, taklah depa dtg makan biskut kering je kan. Its not really an open house for everybody but my open house for invited friends & neighbours.

So Alhamdulillah sempatlah kami melayan 9 keluarga (about 50 of them) pada hari tersebut dgn nasi beriani, ayam kerutuk, acar, makaroni tomyam, kek coklat, tapai dlm agar-agar, 10 jenis biskut raya, air sirap sejuk, & air teh o panas. Dan untuk anak-anak tak lupa raya goodies & duit raya. Alhamdulillah everything run smoothly, and tiada pembaziran. Except for a few neigbours, the rest never been to my house. So its really interesting to entertain them.

And yesterday, Sunday, its our turn to visit friends & neigbours. Its really packed starting from 12 pm. First we went to kenduri kawin of old friend in Kerling, then to Lembah Beringin, and Tasik Puteri. After that back to my place and visited 5 of my neigbours. The dishes included mee sup, satay, kuey teow goreng, mihun sup, lemang, serunding, rendang, kek & biskut raya. Then at 10.30pm reached my friend's house at Sg.Buaya for spaghetti, his specialty. Back home only by midnite and got to wake up early for work today !!

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