Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vacation Mood

Vacation is always good. It give us a much needed break from the routines. Full of unexpected in fun atmosphere. Beautiful beaches and mysterious views. It's been a while since we embark into the wilderness of holiday resort next to the nature splendid beauty. Yes, we are on vacation.

It's Ilham Resort with 'RM640 per night' three rooms apartment, again. One big reason is because of the special rate given to me as a staff in PNB's group of companies. Another good reason is because of it's 5 star facilities and scenic location next to forest reserve with walking distance to beautiful beaches such as quiet Pantai Cermin. This is probably our fifth stay but it never once a dull moments.

This time around we have venture into 'jungle tracking' deep into Tanjung Tuan Santuary. What a feeling. Exploring the jungle is quite adventurous as we discovered a beautiful isolated spot on a clean stretch of beaches with green surrounding. It's look like a Jurassic Park island, far from human. We are on vacation for sure. Play with the sand, sea and sun.

Back to our resort, a few hours in the swimming pool seem so fast going by. Walk on the beaches to witness sunset is unforgettable moments. It is truly a vacation mood for the five of us, keep us coming back for more.

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