Thursday, November 27, 2014

Harimau Malaya - Piala Suzuki AFF 2014

For me Dollah Salleh has done a good job considering he only got about 4 months assembling a credible Harimau Malaya (HM) team. Last night Thailand the favourite team to win Piala Suzuki this year got a taste of fighting HM and were lucky enough to get the winning goal in the dying minutes. 

What eeeeerk me so much is that the majority of people if not all has given HM no chance at all. They condemn HM like crazy. For them HM shall loose the games they play before even entering the football field. That bad. No confidence what so ever. No hope. So pity.

In my Whatsapp forum, I quote some of those negative comments..

"Jom tengok Harimau Malaya."

"Tengok Rimau kena baham?"

"Serupa Pahang vs JDT. Gajah makan Rimau."

"Ha ha...betul tu Man."

"Buat apa tengok Malaysia, sama sahaja tukar 20 coach pun result sama saja. Makin sakit hati. Dan yang paling letih ranking makin jatuh. Top management tu patut ganti. Kesian."

"Ganti semua dalam FAM tu atau kita pakat ramai2 daftar persatuan bolasepak baru..."

"Sudah ku katakan, ko tak pecaya padaku....boooo."

"Patut boleh menang, defender blunder. Kan dah susah nak gi semi."

"Bak kata member kat atas tu, buat apa tengok Malaysia sama sahaja tukar 20 coach pun result sama saja. Makin sakit hati. Dan yang paling letih ranking makin jatuh. Top management tu patut ganti. Kesian."

Nobody have confidence Malaysia can win against Thailand last night. Even the stupid TV3 commentator through out the live telecast coverage never give any hope to HM even when the team is leading twice. Negative comments all the way. 

This is a 'jatidiri' crisis that is so big,  its became a killer disease to the true potential of the team. Not just to HM but for other sport as well including our Hockey team.

Entering a prestigious tournament with loosing syndrome in mind is very stupid indeed. We have a good potential to win the tournament. We proof that in year 2010, became the Champion against all odds. 

I recalled everybody so proud of the achievement. The whole nation suddenly supporting Harimau Malaya and hailed them as national heroes. Looks like people love when you win. It's not long ago, yap just 4 years ago. We are so proud with our local coach Rajagopal and he was given a Datukship as a result. But now when the team is loosing, no more heroes but villains. 

The current Ranking as published in TheStar over the weekend was as follows:

  1. Myanmar: 137 (FIFA), 21 (AFC)
  2. Malaysia: 156, 28
  3. Singapore: 161, 31
  4. Thailand: 165, 34

Meaning we should not be intimidated by any team in Group B based on the above ranking. We only needs a winning attitude. The fans should give full support behind the national team no matter what. 

"Kalau kita tak sokong Team Malaysia sapa lagi? Takkan nak harap mat bangla, mat nepal atau mat indon."

For Malaysia, the prospects of progressing hang by a thread. With just one point from the opening two games, Dollah Salleh’s experienced team need to beat Singapore at the weekend to keep alive their hopes.

Thailand's coach Kiatisuk paid tribute to the battling qualities of his players. "The players never gave up, even when we were losing. It was a fantastic game and I’m delighted we have maximum points from our first two games," he said.

For his part, Dollah refused to be downhearted. "I’m happy with the performance, but disappointed with the result. We still haven’t finished yet and I know we will fight to the end against Singapore."

Malaysia needs to defeat Singapore, as simple as that.

If Harimau Malaya put a winning attitude, buck up on the defensive strategy and get goals up front, semi final slot still within reach. 

My dream is for Harimau Malaya to defeat Singapore, entering semi-final maybe facing Philipines. Winning the semis. Thus enter the Final facing Thailand one more time. And of course, defeat Thailand to be the Suzuki AFF 2014 CHAMPION. 

Malaysia Boleh !!


Alhamdulillah, Malaysia beat Singapore 3-1 to enter the semi final stage. Congratulation Harimau Malaya !!


Malaysia 1 - Myanmar 2   First leg semi final at Shah Alam. Harimau Malaya needs to win 3-2 at Myanmar on Thu. Who knows..


History made as Harimau Malaya overcame the 1-2 deficit with 4-2 win at Hanoi to enter the Final.


Harimau Malaya lost 0-2 to Thailand in the first leg Final at Bangkok. But gallantly made a comeback with 3-0 score in an exciting second leg Final at Bukit Jalil infront of 100,000 fans and millions watching live on TV. But yet letting two goals in the last 15 minutes to win just 3-2, forcing the championship handover to Thailand with 3-4 aggregate. How I wish Harimau Malaya should 'park the bus' in our own penalty area for that 15 minutes attacking madness from energetic Thailand forwards. Nevertheless Harimau Malaya still make us all proud with their gallant display, wins heart and soul of Malaysian from all walk of life. 

Congratulation Dollah Salleh and the boys !!

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