Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 FA Cup Champion

Terengganu - 2011 FA Cup Champion

Hi guys. Hows the game last night? with record attendance of more than 85,000 fans at National Stadium Bukit Jalil and millions glued to TV sets nationwide. Is it keeping up with the hype? The first final between two east coast giants in history. So what history in the making? Penyu crawling and keep crawling, never give up...and the Kijang jumping up and down to celebrate the history in the making.

15 Lessons learned from yesterday's FA Cup Final between Kelantan and Terengganu:-
  1. Success is sweet and failure is sour. Sweet and Sour is nature of the game.
  2. We can choose to learn from both the failure and the success.
  3. Never give up in life, even in your dying seconds.
  4. Never so confident to get what you want, even it is so very close, even the food is already in the mouth, even only 5 seconds left on the clock.
  5. Focus is important, so stay focus. In fact, you should never lose your focus. It might cause you a game.
  6. What happened when you lose focus? You lose the game.
  7. What happened when you are put under pressure? You might score your own goal and get defeated.
  8. Keep pressuring and attacking your opponent when you are loosing. Never loose hope.
  9. Put your strategy right. Sometime defense is the best strategy when you are winning.
  10. The coach that run up and down to motivate you better when you are loosing in the dying second get the reward at the end. Congratulation Irfan should get a Datuk soon.
  11. Laser beam and firecrackers can stop a game for a few minutes, especially in the final game when tension running high. Looks like laser beam and firecrackers are part of the game nowadays.
  12. The looser will still get a day off. By the way, the bigger number of supporters doesn't mean you will win the game.
  13. The best looser should move forward and get motivated to win the next offering - League Cup and Malaysia Cup by not repeating the same bloody 'over confident' mistakes.
  14. The biggest culprit is the guy who just kick the ball forward but ended in the enemies foot when the clocks shows 1 minute left. He should kept the ball and control the game as it is extremely important in those dying seconds. Common Datuk M Karathu...this is basic. Adopt short passes like Barcelona is too much to ask.
  15. The game is never end until the final whistle and the ref has the final blow.
Even the best sport announcer in town Dato Hasbullah Awang keep repeating the same mistakes on air about 'masa kecederaan' when instead he should says 'masa tambahan' during that 30 minutes extra time. What a joke. But at the end, I still think it is a good game, still far away from EPL standard, but we are okay and moving towards right direction. All three goals are beautiful including the 'own goal'. Players play football instead of going for each others leg. No ugly incidents even though more than 12 yellow cards flashing around by the ref. Congratulation Terengganu. You deserve to win !! Congratulation Kelantan. You deserve to win as well. Better luck next time.



Cikli said...

tuan, from your 15 lessons learned, i learn that you are the red warrior supporter.

School Of Tots said...

TQ Cikli. Yes Red Warriors is in my blood.

Wan Sharif said...

Yeah Ganu Menang!!!
Na na na na na.. Gganu Kite..
Ayah Wang masih orang Pulau Duyong walaupun dah 32 tahun di KL.. ;))

Masjid PB said...

TQ Ayah Wang. Tahniah Terengganu. InsyaAllah jumpa di final Piala Malaysia pulok.

yushida03 said...

It's a mixed feelings. frustrated, yes. Puzzled, peplexed is another. It's just another manifestation that football is won by those who managed to score more (in the right goal mouth!), not by those who played (majority of the game, or the 1st 90 minutes of it) better.. as what happened in the Final of 1999's UEFA Champions League (I am a German Bundesliga football fan).

I've experienced it before, but I guess with TRW, it hurts deeper. But as some might say, true warriors learn from mistake, the fell, yes but how they can rise again from the fall, that makes them true warriors.

School Of Tots said...

TQ yushida03. Like what Kungfu Panda says "there is no secret, u must belief". Red Warriors got to belief that they can be The Champion of League & Malaysia Cup 2011. Yes !!

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