Sunday, July 11, 2010

FINAL World Cup

Yes finally the Final is here, at 2:30am today over Stadium Astro at my favorite Mamak Stall. Spain vs undefeated Holland. What a perfect match. The best of the best teams in World Cup 2010. They have beaten all the pretenders and 'good but not good enough' Teams through out the tournament. What a fresh encounter, as either team will be the brand new nation to lift the prestigious World Cup. Both team are new comers in the Final. For me, both team deserve to be there tonight because they have the best total football, with Spain slightly ahead in term of overall skill set. Hence I think Spain should be given the edge. My score, I wish for thrilling 3-2, just like the entertaining game between Uruguay and Germany for 3rd place last night.

Sneijder - the star of Holland

David Beckham is one of the most iconic athletes and decorated football players of all time and I put up here what he think of the Final tonight:

What a game it promises to be on Sunday, two of the greatest footballing nations never to have won the World Cup. Looking at all the teams in this World Cup, these two teams have been playing the most attractive football, which bodes well ahead of the Final.

Looking at Holland first, they've always been a great attacking team over the years with players like Cruyff and Van Basten. This current side is no different with match winners like Robben, Van Persie and Sneijder in the team. However, this time round they have been very solid in defence with every player working really hard for the team.

David Villa for Golden Boot

I expect the current European champions, Spain, to have plenty of possession. Xavi, Iniesta and Alonso are so important to the midfield and they retain possession and pick out passes with ease. I've also been impressed with their defence in this tournament but they have quality all over the pitch. David Villa will want to not only win the World Cup but the Golden Boot as well.

I expect it to be close and hope, for a few goals in this match. There promises to be lots of interesting duels all over the park, but I can't wait to see Sneijder up against Xavi, two of the world's best footballers. Sometimes though it's who you least expect that will come up with a winner.

It's shaping up to be a great match and it might be that little bit of luck that helps decide the eventual winner. I would like to see Spain win as I have many happy memories from living there and I know how important it would be for the country. I have many friends there who would love to bring home the trophy to Spain for the first time. My boys have also asked for Spain shirts to watch the Final so I know who they will be supporting.

For many years, they have underperformed in World Cups considering their level of talent but this team has the look of winners but it will be close.



So the history goes...Spain is the world champion. A tough match with plenty at stakes. At the end Iniesta's World Cup winner ensured Spain 1-0 victory over Holland.

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