Sunday, December 10, 2006

Buat Tender

Well every now and then, I got to stay back because the boss assigned us including me to work like hell for so call tender submission. Last week I am the lone ranger from my office working on this SSM tender together with guys from other subsidiary. My precious time with family on Sat & Sun gone. I took one and half day off starting monday afternoon after the submission. Worse because my foot hurt for the past one week, as my ghout revisited. But I still manage to take part in my office bowling tournament at flamingoo that Sat morning with the score line of 149-131-134, not that bad considering the injury. Nevertheless our team (6 men & 6 women)got no.4 out of four team. And because of the injury I got to be replace in the Tennis tournament on Fri last week & this week as well. But the good news is my replacement Badrul partnering MSB won both their game last week & this week. And our team Neptune won 2-1 on both weekend. And we got second place overall. Ok, this week again I got to spoil my weekend and precious time with my kids on school holiday because this bloody tender with LOFSA due for submission tommorrow at 4pm. I only manage 2 hours of sleep last nite on my chair in this very office. My colleque zainal, yazim, and habib were around as well. An til this moment 3:29pm we have yet to finish with the prizing & printing. Its kind of last minutes for this tender (as usual) as we only got the document on Wed and we got 2 out of 3 systems required. And the Boss said dont worry you just focus on the two as he will take care of the one that we still dont have. Its a Statistical Management System (SMS). And the guy (more like an agent) suppose to come up with the so call SMS solution on Thu, but failed to do so. So end up I got to search high and low for it somewhere else. Luckily my good friend Shafie manage to come with a complete solution in just one day from IBTech. That is what I call PRO. He even drove to my office early this morning to handover product brochures and his company profile that I requested. And he is a bz man as he need to take-off at 3 today to Bangkok for Unisys training. Thanks bro. I hope your RM800k solution will have a buyer. Well for this particular tender they assigned me to prepare technical proposal for the three products, project office, vendors experience, training, and reference materials. I also got to liaise with our two vendors via tele-conversation as well as via e-mail. The bidding price should be within RM5million price range. Our margin probably will be around 20-30%. Hence we are talking income of about RM1million here. Thats the business we are in, this office. Yap the place that I called my work place for the past 8 years. Enuf work. My kids became so restless at home, and my wife called just now that she has no choice but to take them out ronda-ronda at Rawang and want to claim for the KFC lunch. Thats my lovely wife. I got headache written all over and I wish to go home any time soon...aaah probably I'll take a nap now. bye...aaaaaa aaaaaAAH !


~ GAB ~ said...

Nice to know you're busy because only productive people have time to be busy.

Better spend some time with SMSTMFP alumni thing as well because that's where our career really started at.

idham's directory said...

:) You Have Been Linked!


sya said...


Dapat tahu dr Idham that you work in Pernec, I have a reader from Pernec in my blog which keep saying bad things in my cbox and comment.

I have deleted my cbox and moderate my comment. I think u also will not be able to comment in my blog. But please can u please write an e mail to me at I would like some clarification.

Wassalam and thank you.

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