Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rainy Day

I have an early lunch with my friend just now. The MOU is if he drives then I pay the lunch, and if I drive then he will pay the lunch. A very good 'fast food' lunch in the form of nasi daging 'paprik' with telur dadar and hot soup with a glass of hot teh-o. Upon reaching the lunch place, the rain start slowly then gradually heavy. My friend sticks with his routine by parking the car some 20 meters away. He got an umbrella in the car. So I make use of it and get out first. And the rain now heavier. The two of us try to get cover under the one little umbrella. The car alarm system get stuck somehow. We need to get closer to re-close the car door and push the alarm button again. By now, we take longer time than necessary under the umbrella and our lower portions get a little wet all over. And we manage to fast walk to the stalls. By the way, my feet still hurt because of my periodically ghout attack over the weekends.

After settling down and place the order. I start analyzing the situation. First we should park the car a little closer to the stall. My friend counter it by saying that it was under control as it was a light rain at first. But by the time we get out the rain start pouring down heavily. So I said we should go back in the car, and park closer. It simply a wrong decision making in our part. We should be more aware of the environment changing and adopt to it accordingly. Then we can make a better decision. Even if we already out from the car, we can always go back in considering the heavy rain. And cancel the first decision by making the second decision, that is to reverse the car and park it closer. Because there are few empty parking slots nearby anyway.

So then our topic of discussion over the nice lunch is about the fresh grads who cannot adopt to the working or real life situation. Where government and private agencies need to provide training as long as six month just to prepare them for the working environment. So my question is why not those skills be taught during those 4 to 5 years university timeframe. Or are those syllibus taught at the universities are outdated and mainly theories that cannot really be apllied outside. Thats why I fancy graduates who have experience working during their semesta breaks at say McDonalds, Supermarkets, ect. Because basically they have acquired certain skills along the way such as cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floor, cooking burgers, how to deal with people, communications skills, time management, stress management, how to value the hard earn money and problem solving skills in a real life situation. We need street smart not book smart !!

Hmmm... ever wonder those Profs that teaches MBA students, where those students who applied it and take chances out there and become millionares many time over, but the little Prof still remain in his old place with a few thousands RM of fixed income a month to support the life style. The street smart is quite obvious is the one who implemented what they learned along the way and not just putting it nicely on paper to get the PHD. And thats why my favorite book still remain the purple cover bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Our good lunch at Pak Usop Tomyam AU3 cost me RM9.80. So after about 40 minutes out, now I'm back in the office, and have precious time for this new posting for you guys out there...he he.

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