Thursday, January 25, 2007

2007 so far..

Pejam celik pejam celik, hari ni dah 25 hari kita berada di tahun 2007. Hows life so far? Well, banyakkan bersyukur dan jangan mengeluh, thats my 10 cent advice. My company is embarking on 5 years strategic plan (2007-2011) riding on the strength of our human capital asset and 4 new stretegic business thrusts namely;
  • Telco Outsourcing Solution & Services
  • IT Outsourcing Solution & Services
  • Islamic Banking Solution
  • End-to-end e-Halal Solution & Services
Basically, we change for the progress and for our survival. We want to develop our human capital, doing the competency assessment and to put the right people at the right job. We want to do things right as compared to doing the right thing. And therefore we are going to be part of history to determine our company futures 10-20 years from now. Hence the Change Enablement Program was officially kick-off by our MD on 15th Jan at KDE. We must adopt to change especially in business.

Old saying, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. In the spirit we can always apply to our very lives. The term Tahun Baru Azam Baru is there for years. Maal Hijrah on the 21st Jan, mark 1428 years hijrah Rasulullah s.a.w. from Mekah to Madinah for a bigger perspective of struggle in building civilization and spreading the words of Allah for humankind. Lets park it somewhere in our heart and soul the determination of doing good things in life. And left out all those bad things and habits. Be it, to bersegera solat bila masuk waktu, jangan bertangguh pada perkara kebaikan, and banyakkan amalan sunat.

My son Amir got 7A in PMR the other day. Not bad considering he got 7B in trial. So he apply for MRSM, SBP, Sek Teknik, and SMKA. I even consider to take up Hj Husen (our Surau chairperson) offer to send my kids direct for tahfiz & secondary education under Al-Azhar, Mesir (with about RM6000 to start with & about RM600 monthly) but KIV it for now. Amir got only one offer so far from Sek Teknik Slim River. I always pray to Allah, to give the best possible avenue for him to further his study in form 4. I myself getting nervous, and did make a few phone calls to some schools, to some friends, JAIS, Jab Pelajaran Negeri, MARA and all sorts of online enquiries. My wish is for Amir to get what he deserved. He is my eldest. After various consideration and heart-to-heart discussion on all the limited options available, yesterday Amir said, Papa I will not go to Slim River on the 29th Jan for registration and instead I decided to stay with my friends in my current school - SAMTKKB (Sek Men Agama Tinggi Kuala Kubu Bharu).

Maybe my prayer answered. Probably that is the best possible options available for him. Why not, its a good school for selected few. He got 10 academic subjects and 6 muzakirat syllibus under JAIS. He can sit for his SMA this year, SPM next year and probably STAM the following year. That alone will differenciate him with the rest from SBP or SMK alike. He is selected to be in the best class 4.1 and sitting right in the front row. So far he got good remarks from his teachers in Add Math & Tauhid. He told me last nite, of the 3 surah required for hafazan this year for form 4, he needs only to polish on surah Yaasin, as he is well versed on the other two already. Thanks for my quick thinking of sending him to Madrasah Tahfiz nearby our house during last school holiday. He managed to hafal 2 juzuk (out of 30) during that 7 weeks effort. Amir got it in him, a skill to menghafal Al-Quran. I am proud of him. I hope he will be surrounding by a positive thinking supportive friends in the hostel & school. All the best to Nur Farihin as well and my youngest Iman Asilah who will sit for PMR & UPSR respectively. Selamat berjuang anak-anakku !!

For me so far, keep bz with Egenera pricing for BPFK & C4i Project. EDRMS presentation to Suruhanjaya Tenaga & DBKL. Meeting with SSM & NEC. Attending BI presentation, Change Enablement kick-off at KDE and annual dinner at Dewan Felda. Became Pernec's table-tennis 2006 team champion. Attending Industry assessment & future business strategy presentation by JJ. Participate in Change Readiness Assessment Survey and presenting three tazkirah pagi. Atttending two ceramah at Tmn Melewar entitled "Banjir Tsunami Johor" & "Pulau Pilihanraya Kecil Batu Talam" organized by PAS & Keadilan respectively. Penceramah includes high profiles ie. TG Hj Hadi, DSAI, Salahuddin Ayub, Ibrahim Ali, & NGOs representatives. And finally to attend talk by Dr Danial Zainal at UIA on Formula Pembinaan Insan Kelas Pertama this weekend. And to participate in "Building Team Excellence" 3 days program at Nur Lembah Pangsun, Hulu Langat, next weekend.

Aku bermohon pada MU ya Allah - Ampunkan segala dosaku, isteri, anak-anak dan sanak saudaraku. Ampunkan segala dosa ibubapa ku, bahagiakan hidup mereka dunia dan akhirat. Sihatkanlah tubuhbadan ku, tenangkan jiwaku dan lapangkanlah dadaku. Permudahakan segala urusan ku dan jadikanlah segala kegiatanku sebgai ibadah kepada Mu. Selamatkan lah aku di perjalanku di jalanraya. Hidupkan aku dengan iman dan matikan aku dalam iman. Ya Allah Engkau Maha Pemurah, murahkan rezki bagiku rezki yang halal, bebaskan aku dari segala bebanan hutang dan sistem riba. Berikanlah kejayaan kepada anak-anakku dunia dan akhirat. Masukkanlah rasa kecintaan kepadaku untuk melakukan kebajikan dan masukkan rasa kebencian kepadaku untuk melakukan kemaksiatan. Amiin ya Rabbal alamiin.

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