Saturday, April 22, 2006

MSAM 2006

Aku outstation ke K.Terengganu for two weeks for Minggu Amanah Saham Malaysia (MSAM)exhibition. Our company showcase about ten products and I am responsible for three products namely Egenera BladeFrame, a high-end utility computing server, TrimContext, an enterprise content management system, and TeamSynthesis, a Business Process Management (BPM) tools. It was reported that on the first two days, a total of 23,000 visitors visited MSAM. Our booth is not the popular one, as we cater for a very niche market and not really suitable for the general public as MSAM is for. And we also did not offer all those goodies such as free balloons or gift items. When asked, our management said its ok because we want to target corporate figures only and not budak-budak sekolah. But anyway we have some interesting visitors such as Pak Lah who officiated the Fleet Management System product launch on the first day and Dato KSU who officiated our Enterprise Content Management System, TrimContext product launch on the second day. I personally briefed our chairman and board of directors, IT Manager of PNB, and some curious looking visitors who are interested to know our products. School children and pakcik and makcik mainly around KT looking around for nice gift items and make-up the big crowd in a carnival atmosphere. MSAM strategically located at Pantai Batu Buruk area, well known for parks and its beach, popular with tourist. On food, on the first we went for this 'bawah pokok' stall and eat nasi hidang including, sotong, puyuh goreng, udang besar, budu & ulam, ikan bakar, telur penyu, complete with watermelon slices. And it cost rm78, for seven of us, not bad, considering the tasty and variety of choices offered. Next the four of us drive to Seberang Takir and have our colek ikan, keropok, & sotong and air kelapa muda, cost us about rm29. Yesterday, after friday prayer at Masjid Terapung at Kuala Ibai, I have a good lunch lauk sotong besar and air durian belanda for a drink, cost me rm6. Today me and my friend go for daging bakar, sotong bakar & kerabu perut, cost me rm8.80. Today is my 6th day. Rindu to see my family, I wish they were here with me at Permai Park Inn.

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