Friday, May 26, 2006

Hari Jumaat

As we grew and getting older and balder, so much we have gone tru. Life is getting shorter as the days passing by. Its good to make the best things out of nothing whenever we can. Actually at our age say 42 yrs old, if using tahun Hijrah, is even older, probably 44yrs old already. And we said Rasulullah wafat at 63. So as you and I can see our life is become shorter and shorter. No point of blowing those candles on the birthday cakes my fren and singing the magic song anymore. Lets muhasabah diri and hisab diri sebelum kita dihisabkan di hadapan Allah. Is there any Electronic Content Management System (ECMS) dan can capture and manage our life records? I dont think so. But Allah have a superdome computer to records all with precision and accuracy on-line, and at the Judgement Day all our records since day one until we die will be revealed before our very eyes. Allah Maha Adil, dont worry about ketidakadilan. Semuanya Adil. The worries are if the bads are more than the goods in our database. So given a chance by Allah for us to still be alive in this temporary world, with those temporary wife, kids, car(s), house, job, friends, why not make the goods instead of the bads. We might ran out of time very soon. Di hari Jumaat penghulu segala hari ini I like to make one suggestion - buy kaset Ust Samsuri yg harganya 3 for rm10 tu, and instead of listening to or tu, why not listen to those cassets during that one hour drive in the traffic jam to and fro office. Its all informative. Its all facts. Believe me you won't regret. Time is too short to waste my friends !! Lets today the Friday, be the beginning of bringing the best out of you and me. InsyaAllah.


fieqa said...

assalamualaikum...x sangka orang macam uncle pun buat blogdrive,,,seldom kita nampak...saya pun sebenarnya bekas pelajar SAMTKKB!baru taon ni saya pindah...taon lepas saya amik PMR kat sek 2...x kenallah anak uncle...xpelah apepun semoga ur family always happiness...!

School Of Tots said...

Dear Fieqa - uncle doakan hidup yg sejahtera. Masih jauh perjalanan. Istiqamah dalam beramal. Ilmu di dada bisa menjadi teman terbaik untuk masa depan yg penuh cabaran. TQ for your nice comment about this blog. Tajamkah aqidah. Mantapkan amal & akhlak. Senyum selalu kerana senyuman hanya menggunakan 16 otot muka berbanding masam yg utilized 64 otot.

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