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The Star has this column called My ADUN with a standard set of questions they asked selected MP or Assemblyman. Sometime I feel like answering those questions myself and get it printed out. Probably as future MP or Assemblyman representing Parliment Hulu Selangor or DUN Bukit Beruntung who knows, let me publish the interview in advance....what the hack!!

My interview with The Star (Star Metro):

SM: How much time do you spend on the computer?
HAR: Hmmm...between 3-5 hours during office hour. My nature of works is in ICT line anyway.
SM: What kind of music do you listen to? Name a favourite song.
HAR: I appreciate all sort of good music and songs, be it Nasyid, R&B, Reggae, Sentimental, Rap, Evergreen, Hip Hop, Dangdut, you name it. But the one that I can sing along in my car alone got to be those evergreen songs such as Scorpion "Soldier Of Fortune", Alleycats 'Senandung Semalam', Flybaits 'Kenangan Lalu', Sohaimi MH 'Epilog Cinta Dari Bromley', Van Halen "Jump", Raihan 'Iman Adalah', Mawi 'Angan & Sedar' & Search 'Fantasi Bulan Madu' to name a few.
SM: Are you into movies?
HAR: I love good movies such as Terminators, Titanic, Gladiators, & James Bond series. But my favourite got to be The Rock.
SM: Are you into EPL? Whats your favourite team & player?
HAR: Yes, I watch it on TV ocassionaly on games involving the big 4. My team got to be Chelsea. My favourite player of all time is Zidanne Zidane & Maradonna. In EPL got to be Michael Ballack.
SM: Whats your favourite sport?
HAR: I can be your good sparring partner in Table Tennis, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton & Carrom. And I love to watch Soccer especially EPL, WorldCup, & EuroCup, & UEFA Champions League, NBA Basketball, World Hockey, Badminton & Olympics Field Sport. But Squash & Golf really turn me off.
SM: Who is your favourite sports star?
HAR: Muhammad Ali.
SM: Got a nickname? How did it come about?
HAR: In my secondary school days they called me Bok. From 'BboBok' in Kelantan, means a bit too talkative.
SM: What is your usual drink?
HAR: Lately my wife always serve me Kopi-O. Some other time Gatorade, 100Plus, teh tarik or cold water will do.
SM: What languages do you speak?
HAR: BM, Kelate & English.
SM: Do you smoke?
HAR: No. I hate the smell the taste and everything about it. Smokers damaging other people as well, and that is terrible. I hope everybody quit smoking.
SM: What's the gadget you can't do without?
HAR: I can live with my basic but reliable Samsung handphone & my Dell notebook with internet access.
SM: What's your favourite food?
HAR: I love all good Halal food but gulai lemak ketam & big juicy sirloin steak stand out.
SM: You have weakness for..
HAR: Peanuts...all type, cannot stop eating when start but very bad for my ghout.
SM: Do you have a pet?
HAR: We have ikan sepat, 4 or 5 of it in that cloudy little aquarium beside the tv.
SM: What car do you drive and how long have you had it?
HAR: It start with Mits Colt WV8434 (3yr), Saga DR5701(1yr), Mits Lancer MM6789 (2yr), Mazda626 BCL2777 (2yr), Wira WEX6767 (5yr), Waja WLB1600 (4yr) & Wira WKQ7600 (4yr).
SM: Name an idol whom you look up to and why?
HAR: DSAI, he is a born leader, great speaker, got the style & charisma.
SM: Any phobia?
HAR: Cannot think of one....maybe later.
SM: Name your favourite actor and why?
HAR: P.Ramlee for his talent and evergreen present. JetLi for his fighting. Sean Connery for his natural flair.
SM: Favourite actress and why?
HAR: Whoopi Goldberg always put a class act and make me laugh.

My interview with NSTP:

NST: Where is you birthplace?
HAR: Wakaf Bharu Kelantan.
NST: What about education?
HAR: SRK Wakaf Bharu, SMS Kelantan, & WMU USA with BSc in Computer Science & Economics.
NST: Tell us about your career?
HAR: Start with EDP Officer at SKMK, System Analyst at Bisofware, Senior System Analyst at TAMS, Project Manager at Solsis, & currently Product Manager at Pernec.
NST: When did you enter politics?
HAR: Politics is part of life & is in my blood since 22 of age. For instance I stay up till 4am to follow PUM12 results on tv he he..and politically alert through my newspaper & blogs reading.
NST: How you like the people to call you?
HAR: Hisham.
NST: What are the issue you concern about?
HAR: Too many misleading about Islam, for example Islamic Banking. By the way the mother of Riba' is the generation of money by the banks. Did you know that for every RM1m deposited legally the banks can loan out RM25m out of thin air. The currency floating around is not tally with the real economy. The so call "Islamic Banking" that currently around is based on the convensional banking created by the west & yahudi, shouldn't be label as "Islam" just yet but "Syariah Compliance". Why? because it is not really base on the Islamic spirit of JEF - Justice, Equity, & Fairness in our journey to well being in the Islamic social system. As pointed out, the current model of banking system by the west is based on riba' which is haram which evolved in time and come in many forms. We halalkan yang haram and who are we try to fool? You & me perharps, but ALLAH?
NST: Have you set up your service center?
HAR: My service center to the world is my blog at My 10 minutes weekly tazkirah at my work place and my publishing of Buletin Surau every two months or so. My role at Surau Al Faiizeen in the form of azan, iqamat, makmum, bendahari & sometime imam. And last but not least my spirit and aqidah will always guide me to be a nice guy in seeking redha Allah.
NST: What do you do during your free time?
HAR: Love to read newspaper especially The Star. Try to read books, watch sports or comedy program on tv & gardening.
NST: What books do you read?
HAR: Love Azizi Ali's money matter books & TG Nik Aziz books on Islam. My favourite got to be Robert Kiyosaki 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'.
NST: What is your contribution in protecting the environment?
HAR: I put the garbage in the used plastic bag, put it on the big dust bin for the garbage collector to colllect every other day. I also recycle our grass, air beras & air ikan as baja for all sort of plants around my house. Finally I sell my used paper, last one got me RM2.60.


Mart Anon said...

En. Hisham, it was fortunate for me that you had visited and commented at my blog, for it has lead me to an important discovery ... important things that my mind and soul are looking for!

This (my discovering your blog) is yet another one of the many examples that show "How God Works"; when one chooses to think `with his heart' about it:

As you already know, I am one of the fallen; having suffered, is suffering, and had suffered others with various hardships and miseries.

But I still have the remainder of my life; whatever the total is, Alhamdulillah! I also know how all of these had come about - from the choices I had made

I cannot go back into time to make different choices, which would prevent all the bad and wrong things from ever having happened.

That is physically impossible, and too much feelings of remorse in itself won't benefit me or anyone else. So how can I undo and reverse them?

I had started my blog because there are various things that I need, and things that I could give to others. I'm living with the positive-thinking and positive-doing with my blog ... hoping and expecting good things to happen to me and for those who come into contact with me.

Somehow (most likely through "Rocky's Bru?), you had found your way there, and the comment's address leads to here.

Having landed at this blog, I was intrigued by what I found from the very first moment ... this basic truth of:

Life is about choices. You can be negative or positive, its up to you. We can always view things in various perspective.

The first sentence explains it all: the basic law and principle that "we are free to set what we want". I'm immediately reminded of "For every action, there is a reaction".

I've bookmarked this blog and will definitely come again very soon. There are a lot of answers here...

Mart Anon said...

I had written a post about this blog; with Borneo Blues Mat Salo also mentioned in my latest post

School Of Tots said...

Assalamualaikum En Ahmad Anon, TQ for you kind comment. Yes I got your blog from my visit to Rocky's Bru. Your English & BM are very good. When I see your profession as wartawan bebas, then I think wow no wonder. Mine is a bit rojak. You have so much to share. That is life. One of my favorite book is 'Soup For The Soul' series. A good soup can give me a good feeling. I am sure your stories are good for the soul. Hope one day you come up with a book of your own. Selamat menjalankan ibadah di Ramadhan ini.

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