Friday, November 16, 2012

Salam Maal Hijrah 1434H

I thank Allah for what I am. For without Him I shall be nowhere. Life is interesting but again Life hereafter is the one that is permanent. So be a good gentleman that's my aim. To get the blessing of Allah. The mistakes and sins along the way should not stop me from getting better. As Allah the most forgiveness. And me the slave full of errors and weaknesses.

My School of Tots (SOT) is about how I see things from my perspective. A long journey always start with the first step and success for me is a progress realization of my dream. Life is too short to waste. Be smart in your choice in life. Lets this new year of 1434 H be the catalyst for change, to be a better person, to get closer and please your Creator at all time. By obeying the Creator we are actually can be satisfying His creation, insyaAllah. Salam Maal Hijrah.

Looking back, my SOT has been around for quite sometime, 7 years 1 month 1 week & 4 days to be exact. With that came 54,815 total page views and 111 followers. I have amazingly published 467 posting with my very first posting dated way back on 10/5/05. The average monthly page views is about 3,197 with about 106 hits per day. I'm satisfied. Most of the traffic source came from with 1,329 hits and the most referring sites came form with about 14,213 hits. The statistic shows the top 5 countries visiting SOT are Malaysia with 37,869, USA with 6,234, Indon 2,036, Russia 1,412, and Singapore with 510 visitors.

On the way driving to the office today, my middle finger playing with radio channel button. I want to count how many radio stations available within reach. I counted twice and the answer is 25 radio channels out there. All but one keep spinning song after song in between nonsense talk by the DJs. Song and music means entertainment and DJ also try to live things up and try their very best attracting listeners to be glued to the radio station. If you think airtime at those radio stations can some how provide value education to the society then I think its way too much hope. All they think I think is entertainment and advertisement. News or any public announcement come maybe less than 5% of their airtime. 

Probably is in class of its own with lots of so call 'tarbiyah ruhani' programs that mean for the soul and not just the body. I accidently found mean for Business Radio with majority of its program on business talk or business perspective news and views. And of course Bernama Radio that promote 24 hours news with some musics in between. 

What I wanna say is that we have wasted our radio time and miss the boat big time to promote good values and generate healthy living in our society using radio as a media. As a result we are now start accepting social ills and problems as norm in our society. 

As benchmark, a program called 'Motivasi Pagi' in every morning at 7:30am for 15 minutes is a good light dose of booster to light up my day. I'm looking forward to those type of programs which can stimulate your intelligence and provoking your critical thinking for self improvement and motivation. That what I see as the most valuable 15 minutes of airtime and hoping to keep hitting those type of programs when playing with my channel's browsing button during the one hour drive to and fro office every day.

I watched TV Hijrah yesterday morning. I kind of like the agenda, vision and direction of TV Hijrah choosing education as their core trust. Their programs gonna be syariah compliance all the way, with clear Islamic guidelines put in place. Their prime time will be scheduled with programs that educate the society not just entertainment in nature unlike other TV stations. TV Hijrah in a way has created phenomena in promoting daei (pendakwah) as celebrities and put Islamic programs in the fore front. TV Hijrah also really creating a conducive environment for lots of artist to Hijrah, change for a better fulfilling Islam as way of life. Alhamdulillah.

Maal Hijrah 1434 H, is it just another day passing by? Or is there any new wish or hope for the new year and future? "Apa azam tahun baru?" My son SMS read, "Azam baru, nak solat diawal waktu & stop smoking." I feel it is a good start for him, "Alhamdulillah, ikhlas kerana Allah, insyaAllah berjaya."

As for me, I want to khatam Sirah Nabawi, a 700+ pages book. I also want to khatam Juzuk Amma with terjemahan and tafsir. No point aim for the sky if the feet hardly leave the ground. Let's hope for the best and do something about it. I heard it somewhere before, "Keep doing the same thing, day in day out but hoping for different result is insane."



Cikli said...

Salam Maal Hijrah tuan. bagi saya the best station yang ada sekarang, namun perlu improve dalam bab berita. Jangan ada lagi berita yang berat sebelah dan statement dari satu pihak. Laporkan berita secara Islamik. Pahitpun takpa jika benar.

School Of Tots said...

TQ Cikli. Ya benar, Islam mengajar untuk sampaikan yg haq.

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