Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tsunami PRU12

PRU12 tsunami caught everybody by suprise. With only about 51% of popular votes go to BN, they only managed to get 140 out of 222 parliment seats. And 56% of it come from 3 states - Sabah, Sarawak, & Johor. With 5 states now controlled by BA shows BN really in deep shit and rejected by the majority of Malays, Chinese, & Indian that votes BN before.

The way I see it so far on the major factors contribute to the swings of vote to PKR, PAS & DAP are - First, DSAI factor where during the campaigning and before, he managed to highlight the issues of mismanagements and inefficiencies of the government. He talked about the hikes of fuel price, which have domino effect to the price of other basic items, and narrow down to corruption as the mother of the problems. He counter all the allegations made by Pak Lah & Najib one by one. He clearly said and stand by it, to reduce fuel price by taking RM10b from Petronas RM80b nett profit, and another rm10b to finance free education from primary schools up to university level for people with income less than rm10k per month, and believe me you and I belong to this category. Not like when Najib announce automatically free fees for MRSM students whose parents have income below RM650 per month, so hardcore poor, so out of touch.

Back to Petronas after deduction of that RM20b, left with RM60b on Petronas nett profit and still a huge amount that can still be used for overseas investments, new exploration, ect, that government keep saying all this while. Clear and precise! He is not touching other government incomes such as corporate taxes, manufacturing, exports items, ect. Just purely Petronas nett profit of that huge RM80b. With that, DSAI had counter the allegation that the country can go bankrupt if he is allowed to do the above.

He added during his 8 years tenure as Finance Minister he managed to sustain Petrol price at RM1.10 per litre whereby Petronas nett profit at the time was only RM25b. But now with Petronas nett profit of RM80b the Petrol price keep rising up to RM1.90 per litre. What make Malaysia bankrupt according to him is the corruption in term of commissions that goes to the pocket of BN leaders on the nations business transactions such as when buying fighter jets, submarines, and 'lands turn big project'. Thousands of people attended his rally and they can relate to the issues and decided this is the time for change and translate it in their casting on 8th Mac.

Second factor for me, is the lembik administration of Pak Lah. He failed to address wharever little issues that crop up for the past 4 years or very slow to act. His promise to fight rasuah also like melepas batuk di tangga. Furthermore he was surrounding by advisers or pengampus that have personal agenda or business agenda. As Husam Musa put it, 70% of BN candidates are business enclined, they are thinking of how to make them well off, not about how to make the people well off. KJ also seen as having too much influence on Pak Lah. Internal problems within Umno especially in Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah & Selangor start with a desease turn to be a time bomb. And the rakyat see their leaders as arrogant with their lifestyles including big houses and fancy cars, where the rakyat have to fight with the high cost of living. In a way, the leaders did not keep their feet on the ground with the grassroot. Safe states like Johor, NS & Melaka also no longer safe.

Pak Lah must improve drastically, else BN will be history come next PRU. As Prof Amri of UKM mentioned in RTM1, people want to see the lineup of the new cabinets, relations with the 5 states, and the implementation of those 'corridors' announced before PRU12. On the same token, BA must shows they can do the job, else sayonara, people power. Too bad to hear sudah ada "gaduh2" between PAS & DAP in Kedah & Perak. Hope PKR especially DSAI to give quality leadership for the bird-eye view of the whole situation and raise to the occassion and make the best of the opportunity given by the rakyat in PRU12. Good luck!

Third, Tun M also in a way potray Pak Lah as incapable of leading the nation. The admission of his mistake in appointing Pak Lah instead of Najib as PM really put a nonconfidence picture to the nation and damage to Pak Lah. Especially so in Kedah Tun M birthplace, people votes for BA. And they promoted Mukhriz to show their respect for Tun M. But the agony of it is that even after the demolision of PMU12 they all united to sokong Pak Lah and nobody really stand up to tell PM straight on the face what really goes wrong except a little hint now and then, Mukhriz also chicken out. Probably too much at stakes.

Fourth, the indian really piss off with the legacy of Samy Vellu. And the Hindraf issue also getting out of hand. Indian totally reject Sami Vellu, Kayveas and the gang. The act of the police that seen as denying the freedom of expression by the way of peaceful demonstration and ceramah such as Bersih, Hindraf gathering and PAS/PKR/DAP ceramah also left a bitter marks. The last minute cancellation of stamping and edible inks added wound to the existing issues of undi pos, multi votes, fake ICs & phantom votes. People feel that SPR act as an agent to protect gevernment interest and will do wharever dirty job to win the seats for BN, SPR is not a neutral body. Chinese votes also goes to BA this time around with the accumulation of hidden issues and grieveness whatever they are.

And last but not least, rakyat really fedup with the propoganda in prime medias controlled by the government without room for fair coverage to the alternative group. They turn to alternative media such as blogs, sms & webpages and make full use of it. This people especially who resides is Klang Valley go back to their hometown and votes for BA and influence their parents, relatives & friends to vote against BN as well. The "umpan" for development is no longer can attract the voters except for Sabah & Sarawak which were by far 2-3 years behind Semenanjung interm of politic awareness and education. Looks like the Orang Utan ooops the Umno got to now make use of the alternative media as well and not to call bloggers as beruk anymore.

But at the end its boil down to what Tok Guru concluded - this is because BN turn their back from the true teaching of Islam. Human have their plan but Allah have His plan and Allah plan is definitely the most superior of all !!

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