Friday, March 02, 2007

On Your Own

Sometime I feel on my own in this world. Because only I understand me the best. Not even my mother, my wife, kids, cousins, neighbours, officemates, relatives or friends. I feel me, only me and my Creator. Direct and no barrier. So I talk to Him as I wish. My one hour drive alone to the office is the best time for me. Whatever problems or issues in hand, Allah will listen to me day in day out. When I wake up at nite and its so quiet. I know I am alone and Allah with me. No wonder Qiyamullail is the best. If only I can do it more often. The piece of mind. Problems & issues won't go away just like that. But I know Allah is there for me. Since my existance. He mastermind my destiny. I always prefer to keep it inside me whatever issues related to me. As I feel nobody can understand the way I see it. People can interprate anyway they like it. But Allah understand me. And thats why that is the best way for me, to communicate with Him. Having said that, I still believe that whatever knowledge and skills that I have so far, needs to be shared with others. Thats why I have this blog, editor for my Buletin Surau, presenting tazkirah pagi on weekly basis at the office's PA, posting worth-sharing material over various e-mail group, ocassionally contribute comment and tots on various web-forums and papers. I was born alone and will die alone soon. I got to accept life on my own. Whatever good thing that I feel like doing then I shall do it. Then it will be 'Ikhlas' from me. I pray to Allah to forgive my sins. I pray to Allah to put the love in my heart for good deeds and put the block in my heart for all 'maksiat'. Show me the right path. I want Iman. I pray to Allah for 'rezki' so that I can settle all my debt and escape from Riba. I pray for health. I pray that Allah value all my daily activities as 'ibadah'. I want Redha Allah. I want Syurga Firdaus. So help me Allah. I am on my own with my Creator. Allah hu Akbar.

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