Monday, July 17, 2006

World Cup & Palestine

Well ITALY as predicted by me, is the World Cup champion. And probably I'm the only one in Malaysia who predicted ITALY since day one. Eventhough Zidane involved in the head butt controversy, still without a doubt in my mind he deserved the title of the best player of the World Cup, who bring the no hoper France all the way to the Final.

In the excitement of the World Cup where everybody's attention are, Israel play his roll in activating their killer instinct in Palestine & Labonan with less attention. Israel since long time ago has the policy of you kill one I kill all policy. When one of his soldier captured alive by Hamas, Israel took a chance to bombs the hold town. When their soldiers killed by Hizbullah, the Zionist attack Lebonan through air & sea with no mercy. So hundreds of the innocent dies. And USA said Israel has the right to defense themselves. And sadly, the Islamic nations as usual keep quite and play no significant roles. Why? Well looks like we are so attached economically, technologically & ideologically speaking to the west especailly the USA. And have so much interest to protect to the level that we are so afraid to take a collective significant actions to help Palestine and go against Israel which is the real TERRORIST nation. The OIC headed by our own so far very quite. The NGO's in Malaysia headed by JIM, launch Tabung Palestine to help. Whether the collected money will go to the intended recipients can be another issue. But at least the NGO's invites the public to help out.

The Palestines, headed by HAMAS choose Jihad as their main agenda to free Palestine from Israel. But they are throwing stones against humanless Israel forces. You see the wrong picture? Until Allah send burung Ababil with poisoness stones, I dont see Israel will back-off. The real solution is WAR. Where the OIC or maybe Arab Nations send say 1000 arm forces each, to make the total of say 20,000 forces. And 10 tankers or jet fighters each, to make the total of 200 tankers & 200 jet fighters. And attack Israel from the land, sea, & air from all angles. So the USA & the British will help out Israel against united Muslim World. So the World War 4, looks very much alive.

Then we will say, the OIC nations will never get into the above arrangement. They all chicken out with so much at stakes. Therefore, a more realistic approach can be for HAMAS and the rest of Islamic Nations to recognize ISRAEL as a state. With the Jews and the Muslims living in piece. But again this is bull shit. So my friend what is the solution? Palestinian want their lands back. And the Israel will never surrender those lands they conquered and win tru war fair and square. They have USA as the big brother for support system. And Palestine so far has no support system. Tell me man whats wrong with the picture? This killing cannot go forever or maybe yes !!

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